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Grating green bananas can be a bit challenging since they are firmer and harder than ripe bananas. However, with a Grandma Ann's Electric Grater grating pounds of bananas is a cinch, the trick is peeling them.

Watch Brian grate an entire forty pound box of green bananas.

Like Grandma Made Them

There’s nothing better than homemade, saving time, and saving money. Spend less time laboring in the kitchen, and more time enjoying the perfectly prepared homemade dishes you love, gathered around the table with the people you love.

A Great Solution

Why is Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater THE must-have tool for preparing your favorite grated ingredient? Well, if you asked Grandma Ann what made her kugelis so delicious, she would tell you, “It’s all about how you grate the potatoes.” Our electric grater is designed to grate them just right and make the job much easier than ever before.

See for Yourself

A Time Saver

There’s no getting around it–grating pound after pound can become a marathon prep step. It can easily take several hours to grate five, ten, twenty, even forty pounds. Let’s face it… the holidays are busy enough! With the capacity to grate in a fraction of the time, Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater literally shaves your prep time right down.

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A Flavor Saver

In addition to reducing prep time, the speedier process of grating with Grandma Ann’s provides another important benefit by protecting the flavor and consistency of your potato-based dishes. When you grate by hand, the food you’ve already grated will begin to oxidize as you continue to grate the rest. In fact, cut potatoes can oxidize in as little as a few minutes, so by the time you hand-grate several pounds of potatoes, you're likely to end up with a bowl of brown mush–yuck!–instead of the fresh firm texture your dish calls for. Of course, you can add something (such as lemon juice) to your prepared potatoes to prevent oxidation–but not without sacrificing the flavor of your dish. And submerging the gratings in water to keep them from browning will also make them mushier, impacting the consistency of your baked kugelis.

A Knuckle Saver

Grating by hand is an extremely labor intensive task. It leaves your hands and arms tired, and your fingers possibly even a little scraped up–ouch! Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater takes all the pain out of potato grating by quickly, effectively and safely grating pounds with no more effort from you than loading them into the hopper.

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Grandma Ann Would Be So Proud!

At Grandma Ann’s we’ve built the ultimate kitchen workhorse. What used to take hours now takes only minutes. Not only is grating a cinch with this heavy duty electric grater, but clean-up is a piece of cake, too. With only two pieces to wash (which are dishwasher safe, by the way), Grandma Ann’s grater is so easy to clean and reassemble. It is also super versatile–in addition to potatoes, our grater also makes quick work of grating cassava, coconut, green bananas or plantains, and horseradish [make each ingredient a hyperlink to its own ingredient page] . Beautiful and extremely durable, this grater is built to last a lifetime and is certainly an heirloom to pass down to your kids or grandkids.

Each Grandma Electric Grater is Tested and Comes Ready to Grate.

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